Mormonism in Context: Section 1- Introduction

I’ve been reading  as part of one of my projects this year. My reading is ahead of the lesson plan for the Mormonism in Context course, so before I could tackle the first section, I had to go back, re-read the introduction to the “textbook,” and then work with the other materials, which include an overview… Continue Reading

Obama Proposes Tax Advantages for the Middle Class

There hasn’t been much that progressives have been able to get the last few years, no matter what screaming conservatives say. But now, with the GOP in charge of both Houses of Congress, we’re about to see some serious stuff go down. The GOP agenda is not going to be friendly to the middle class,… Continue Reading

Two Fun Mormon Projects for the Coming Year

One of my three goals for the coming year is writing-related, and it involves making an effort to post more on this site. In order to get me fired up with ideas and explorations, I’m getting involved with to fun (to me, at least) Mormon projects.   1. Self-Directed Mormon Sociology Course One of the… Continue Reading

On Discontent

I refuse to be content. We’re told to learn contentment, and there is virtue in being content with your situation, or with your lot in life. However, at the same time, I’m not sure that complete contentment is the way to go. It so often turns into complacency. While I don’t think that there’s a… Continue Reading

How Do “Normal” People Make Friends?

We had a nice, quiet Christmas, as is our usual custom. We pretty much just hang out all day and enjoy our presents and our good food, and watch a couple Christmas-themed movies. It’s a low-key way to enjoy the holiday. After my son went to bed, and my husband and I continued our annual… Continue Reading

Why Some Mormon Women Want the Priesthood

“Why would you want the priesthood anyway?” Even though I’m not a member of ORDAIN Women, and I’m not a huge fan of their tactics, I have sympathy and understanding for their aims. I even agree that it would be just fine if women were admitted into the formal priesthood hierarchy/organization. Our history is full… Continue Reading

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