Two Relief Society Lesson Recaps

For a very brief period of time, I was called to provide Relief Society lesson recaps. When I was initially given the calling, I was told that my insights were wanted. “Are you sure about that?” I asked the Relief Society President, incredulous. “Have you spoken with the bishop?” She assured me that she had (I’d had… Continue Reading

Oh Look! It’s Bernie Sanders … A Candidate After My Own Heart

It’s no secret that I’ve been a little disappointed by the way President Obama has been ground down over the course of his presidency, negotiating away progressive policies in an effort to work with people who just want him, personally, to fail. But, as conservatives start to impose their agenda, it’s becoming apparent that it’s… Continue Reading

I Talk Fantasy and Sci-Fi on the Rational Faiths Podcast

Not too long ago, I made an appearance on the Rational Faiths podcast. Rational Faiths is an interesting website with a lot of thoughtful commentary on religion, particularly Mormonism. This particular podcast episode focused on non-scriptural ways we fill our spiritual cups. I talk a little bit about how the brain is wired for God… Continue Reading

Gay Marriage Debate: LGBTQ and Why Choice Matters

My son is having trouble processing the whole gay marriage debate. He doesn’t understand why we can’t just treat people equally, with dignity and respect. He really doesn’t understand why it’s ok for states to make laws that deny a basic legal status to citizens or why it’s ok for them to make laws allowing… Continue Reading

In Which I Share My Feelings about Terry Pratchett

A few days ago this happened: We feel the loss of our cultural icons. They are touchstones that influence who we are. We may never meet them. But they shape us. They give us ourselves. I see myself in many of Terry Pratchett’s characters. (Sometimes I don’t like what I see.) Pratchett’s books, particularly the Discworld… Continue Reading

On How Much I Hate Reading Class at School

Since I can remember, I’ve loved reading. Because my love of reading is so well known, and because I strongly advocate literacy and education, it comes as a surprise to many that I hate “reading” as a subject in school. It was painful back when I was in seventh grade and subjected to it, and… Continue Reading

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