One of My Favorite Illustrations of Privilege and How it Results in a Wealth Gap

I write a lot about the wealth gap and privilege. This is because it’s something close to my heart. We tend to think that people get the jobs they “deserve,” based on how hard they work. The reality is that many hard workers never “make it” due to the systemic challenges they face — including where they start. The below comic eloquently explains it. It doesn’t meant that those with privilege don’t work hard

It doesn’t meant that those with privilege don’t work hard. What it does illustrate is that, too often, we don’t recognize that our privilege grants us opportunities others might not have. And, even more depressing is the way that sometimes we make the mistake of looking down on others and assuming they are lazy, even if they may actually be working harder than we are, only to see less of what our society considers “success.”


On A Plate Comic Strip The By Toby Morris The Pencil Sword 4

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