Jon Stewart Does What the Mainstream Media and the Government Should Have Been Doing

Many of you know that I have a M.A. in Journalism. Part of the reason I’ve been so disgusted by the mainstream media for the last few years (especially television) is because I don’t think that many of them are doing their jobs. Much of it has become punditry, without any real attempt at actual journalism. As a result, it should come as no surprise that I loved this interview last night on The Daily Show.

Jon Stewart calls out Jim Cramer, and gives us a peek into what really goes on behind closed doors on Wall Street. Warning for my sensitive friends: Some of this wasn’t aired on TV, so there is some course language.

4 Responses to Jon Stewart Does What the Mainstream Media and the Government Should Have Been Doing

  1. Don’t you find it discouraging when a freaking comedian is delivering some of the best news reportage around?

    Yesterday I had coffee with another old journalist (we spent half our careers trading off who was whose editor!). He remarked that at a certain point he abruptly decided that he just didn’t want to write for a living anymore. And as a matter of fact, I came to the same conclusion a few years ago.

    Not that I don’t want to write…I write as much for my blog every day as a daily columnist would and probably turn out more column inches each week than I did when I was writing newspaper copy. It’s just that I don’t want to write THAT stuff. It’s not news: it’s infotainment. I don’t find infotainment interesting or useful to read, and I don’t enjoy insulting readers by pretending that it’s news.

    Have you seen Rachel Maddow? I like her even better than Jon Stewart. She comes closer to actually delivering news…proving that there’s a very fine line, indeed, between current events and the absurd.

  2. I watched this the other day and was smiling the entire time! We need more Jon Stewarts in the CNN CNBC world of reporting….it was the first time I’ve really seen him get at somebody was amazing!

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