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5 Feelings I Never Experienced Until My Divorce

On September 2, 2015, I received my divorce decree. The date stamped on the paperwork reads August 31. While the date matters when I fill out an application for health insurance or complete some other paperwork, the experienced reality of divorce is that it’s a process. I feel like it’s been going on since my… Continue Reading

Two Relief Society Lesson Recaps

For a very brief period of time, I was called to provide Relief Society lesson recaps. When I was initially given the calling, I was told that my insights were wanted. “Are you sure about that?” I asked the Relief Society President, incredulous. “Have you spoken with the bishop?” She assured me that she had (I’d had… Continue Reading

International Children’s Book Day

Image via Wikipedia Today is International Children’s Book Day. It was started in 1967 on the birthday (April 2) of Hans Christian Andersen. Since I love reading, and The Boy loves books, we don’t really need a reminder. But I figured it was worth an extra trip to the library. I got some books (I… Continue Reading

Let in Snow!

I must admit that I am loving the snow. I feel all cozy and warm, curled up inside with a good book. And, Gavin and I will go sledding in the backyard soon. I do, however, hope that it will stop on the 26, since that is when we head up to my parents’ house.… Continue Reading

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