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What, Exactly, is a “Minimum Wage Work Ethic”?

A few months ago I was at an event that involved a presentation on building a business. One of the quotes that stuck out to me was something to this effect: If you want to make more than minimum wage, you can’t have a minimum wage worth ethic. This quote perfectly embodies the faulty idea… Continue Reading

Are CEOs REALLY Worth What They’re Paid?

One of the big debates right now, as we consider wealth inequality, is whether or not it’s really worth it to pay CEOs millions upon millions of dollars to do their jobs. With gap growing between CEO pay and the pay of the average worker (some estimates say it’s now at 354 percent), and with… Continue Reading

Food Stamps, a Living Wage, and Consumer Prices

I found this video via Upworthy. It offers a look at how consumer prices might really be impacted if companies like Walmart paid its employees enough that they don’t have to be on food stamps. It’s also worth noting that many of those on food stamps are hard workers; in fact, many of them work 50… Continue Reading

Founding Fathers: My Three Favorite Quotes on Government and Money

We often think of the Founding Fathers as a monolithic institution. However, they often disagreed. Indeed, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were often at loggerheads — in spite of a friendship spanning decades. Some of our Founding Fathers did agree on some things, though. Even though they were, by and large, privileged and what we… Continue Reading

Taxes and Priorities: Welfare Cheats and Corporate Subsidies

Whenever I talk about the reluctance to tax the wealthy we have in our country, people tend to pull out the following: But changing the taxes system could mean higher taxes on YOU. It’s true that I would probably see higher taxes in a system that increased taxes on those in the top economic quintile. But, since… Continue Reading

Yes, Wealth Inequality is Systemic

The news that more than half the members of Congress are millionaires offers a bit of insight into why the rest of us are no longer truly represented.   The people that make the laws, and the people that pay the people who make the laws, don’t have a vested interest promoting a greater degree… Continue Reading

Income Inequality: Hard Work Doesn’t Mean Wealth

One of the basic tenets of our society is this: If you work hard, you’ll be able to earn a living. People often equate working hard with wealth. If you aren’t rich, you just haven’t worked hard enough. Those in the middle class who insist that tax breaks for the rich will benefit everyone often… Continue Reading

Acceptance of Individual Welfare ≠ Lazy and Undeserving

I will never understand why, when talk turns to the budget and national priorities, so many people I know are quick to decide that all those lazy people on welfare should “just get jobs” (because it’s so easy) and if they would “work hard” they’d have the income they “deserve.” Lots of people I know… Continue Reading

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