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Obama Proposes Tax Advantages for the Middle Class

There hasn’t been much that progressives have been able to get the last few years, no matter what screaming conservatives say. But now, with the GOP in charge of both Houses of Congress, we’re about to see some serious stuff go down. The GOP agenda is not going to be friendly to the middle class,… Continue Reading

Taxes and Priorities: Welfare Cheats and Corporate Subsidies

Whenever I talk about the reluctance to tax the wealthy we have in our country, people tend to pull out the following: But changing the taxes system could mean higher taxes on YOU. It’s true that I would probably see higher taxes in a system that increased taxes on those in the top economic quintile. But, since… Continue Reading

I Will Never Understand Our Reluctance to Tax the Wealthy

This is something that I don’t get. I don’t think it’s “punishment” for success when the wealthy pay higher taxes. I’m not sure how contributing more to the general advancement of society is a punishment. Part of the issue is that the wealthy tend to live in bubbles. Bubbles from which they rarely emerge. Their… Continue Reading

Tithing, Taxes and Sacrifice

Now that it’s tax time, we hear a lot about what the government is doing with our money, as well as who “should” be paying what. One of the popular ideas floating around is the flat tax, which is the idea that everyone should pay a flat percentage of their income. There are variations on… Continue Reading

Yes, Paul Ryan. Let’s Try THIS Again.

One thing I get tired of hearing about is how Obama somehow managed to ring up the more than $16 trillion budget deficit all on his lonesome in only four years. “We can’t afford four more years!” No, what we couldn’t afford were the eight years previous to the Obama Administration. While I agree that something… Continue Reading

We Can’t Afford $363 Million to Help the Poor; But We CAN Afford Losing $47 BILLION in Possible Revenue from Millionaires

My favorite thing about the debate over the Buffett Rule? The same guys insisting that $47 billion isn’t worth taxing millionaires over are the same guys counting pennies when it comes to mammograms and birth control. Thank you, Jon Stewart: “$47 billion in millionaires’ money is less than $300 million in mammograms and birth control.”… Continue Reading

Shameless Self-Promotion: U.S. Debt Ceiling Edition

With things heating up about raising the U.S. debt ceiling, and with plans emerging left and right, it’s getting interesting. Unfortunately, what is likely to happen is that we will see a plan that will — once again — have the most detriment to the middle class and the poor. With a tax increase off… Continue Reading

U.S. Debt Crisis: WHY, Exactly, Can’t We Raise Taxes?

Everyone needs to make sacrifices during this tough time. That’s politicians of all stripes are saying. What they’re not adding is that when they say “everyone,” they really mean “everyone else.” We’re in the midst of a debt crisis, and we have politicians (who at least have had the decency to freeze their pay the… Continue Reading

I Like Adam Smith Better than I Thought

Economic theorist (and man widely worshiped by many capitalists) Adam Smith apparently thought it reasonable for the rich to contribute more than their “fair share” — whatever that means — to society. You’ll find the quote below in An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations, Volume 3. He doesn’t suggest… Continue Reading

Adventures in Fiscal Irresponsibility

Late last night, the House passed a tax deal that would extend Bush era tax cuts. (OK, really, it was more like a deferral, but, whatever.) This represents a complete capitulation of Barack Obama and the Democrats to the Republicans. Scared to death of what the polls have been showing after what I think might… Continue Reading

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