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Acceptance of Individual Welfare ≠ Lazy and Undeserving

I will never understand why, when talk turns to the budget and national priorities, so many people I know are quick to decide that all those lazy people on welfare should “just get jobs” (because it’s so easy) and if they would “work hard” they’d have the income they “deserve.” Lots of people I know… Continue Reading

Obama vs. Romney: For Me, It’s About Priorities

As someone at the liberal end of the spectrum in a conservative state, and participating in a religion that many associate with conservatism and capitalism, I get asked a lot about why I vote the way I do. Particularly why I plan to vote for a socialist Muslim who hates America and is actively plotting… Continue Reading

Do You Really Think a President Can “Fix” the Economy?

One of the things that really irked me about the first presidential debate held between President Obama and Governor Romney (other than Obama doing little to call out Romney on his prevarications) was the focus on the economy. It bothers me because I really don’t think it matters who the President is, in terms of the… Continue Reading

Nice Cover, Businessweek /sarcasm

Yes, you have the right to make a rude, mocking cover, and people have the right to call it “ballsy” or “funny” or “snide” or whatever they want. But, really, it’s just rude. And it sort of takes away from some of the interesting points that the article makes. It also begs the question: Would Businessweek… Continue Reading

Here’s to Hoping Liberals Avoid Attacks on Mitt’s Mormonism

With LDS General Conference solidly underway, I’ve been thinking a little bit about Mitt Romney, and the presidential contest. Mostly, I’m wondering what the Obama campaign is going to do if Romney gets the Republican nomination (and it looks like he should). There are plenty of things to attack him with as they relate to… Continue Reading

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