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Something to Think About this Memorial Day

We often talk about honoring our troops but do we put our collective public money where our mouths are? Is it lip service only that we pay to our veterans? Even though the number of homeless veterans has decreased in recent years, we probably aren’t doing enough. We talk about those who have fallen in service… Continue Reading

Food Stamps, a Living Wage, and Consumer Prices

I found this video via Upworthy. It offers a look at how consumer prices might really be impacted if companies like Walmart paid its employees enough that they don’t have to be on food stamps. It’s also worth noting that many of those on food stamps are hard workers; in fact, many of them work 50… Continue Reading

Where Did the National Debt Come From?

It’s maddening to hear people talk as though President Obama ran up the entire national debt on his own. What’s even more maddening is the fact that the years Obama has been in office are marked by relatively slow spending, in terms of deficit growth. I say the years Obama has been in office because… Continue Reading

Acceptance of Individual Welfare ≠ Lazy and Undeserving

I will never understand why, when talk turns to the budget and national priorities, so many people I know are quick to decide that all those lazy people on welfare should “just get jobs” (because it’s so easy) and if they would “work hard” they’d have the income they “deserve.” Lots of people I know… Continue Reading

Yes, Paul Ryan. Let’s Try THIS Again.

One thing I get tired of hearing about is how Obama somehow managed to ring up the more than $16 trillion budget deficit all on his lonesome in only four years. “We can’t afford four more years!” No, what we couldn’t afford were the eight years previous to the Obama Administration. While I agree that something… Continue Reading

Do You Really Think a President Can “Fix” the Economy?

One of the things that really irked me about the first presidential debate held between President Obama and Governor Romney (other than Obama doing little to call out Romney on his prevarications) was the focus on the economy. It bothers me because I really don’t think it matters who the President is, in terms of the… Continue Reading

We Can’t Afford $363 Million to Help the Poor; But We CAN Afford Losing $47 BILLION in Possible Revenue from Millionaires

My favorite thing about the debate over the Buffett Rule? The same guys insisting that $47 billion isn’t worth taxing millionaires over are the same guys counting pennies when it comes to mammograms and birth control. Thank you, Jon Stewart: “$47 billion in millionaires’ money is less than $300 million in mammograms and birth control.”… Continue Reading

Shameless Self-Promotion: U.S. Debt Ceiling Edition

With things heating up about raising the U.S. debt ceiling, and with plans emerging left and right, it’s getting interesting. Unfortunately, what is likely to happen is that we will see a plan that will — once again — have the most detriment to the middle class and the poor. With a tax increase off… Continue Reading

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