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Gay Marriage Debate: LGBTQ and Why Choice Matters

My son is having trouble processing the whole gay marriage debate. He doesn’t understand why we can’t just treat people equally, with dignity and respect. He really doesn’t understand why it’s ok for states to make laws that deny a basic legal status to citizens or why it’s ok for them to make laws allowing… Continue Reading

Just What is Marriage For, Anyway?

It’s tough to be a socially progressive Mormon right now. Since any thinking human could reason out items likely to receive attention during the recent General Conference (Priesthood + Gays = Moar Controversy), this was the first time that I didn’t watch any of it. Not a single session. Because I continue to struggle to… Continue Reading

Jon Stewart Takes on Codified Discrimination

I’ve been having lots of thoughts lately about the attempts to codify discrimination. It’s discouraging that, for some reason, people seem to think that Constitutional protection of religion means that they have the right to force their religious values on everyone in sight. I love what Jon Stewart does here. And I especially like how… Continue Reading

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