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New Energy Bill: Lobbyists Trump "We the People"

It’s been a week since the Senate passed its energy bill. Tuesday the House approved it. Today I wonder, once again, what happened to our representative republic. A recent poll showed that 77 percent of Republicans want utilities to be required to use renewable energy for some portion of energy production. Obviously, Dems and independents… Continue Reading

Why Us Religious Folks Should Care About the Environment

Today is Blog Action Day. Bloggers all over the place are posting on the subject of the environment. All of my professional blogs address the environment. And here on my personal blog, I thought I’d talk about something that reallly bothers me about how some religious folks view the environment. One of the things I… Continue Reading

Calculating My Carbon Footprint

October 15 is Blog Action Day, and I am participating on all of my blogs. I thought it might be fun to figure my carbon footprint. There are lots of sites that do this for you. I did quite a few, just to get a general idea. And while my household is well below the… Continue Reading

Blog Action Day 2007: The Environment

Blog Action Day is this really concept that you can make a difference in an area of note by joining forces across the Internet to participate. I am excited to be participating this year, and plan to go crazy on the posts, including on this blog, as well as four of my professional blogs. Sweet!… Continue Reading

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