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Blog Action Day: Water Access

This year, Blog Action Day is all about water access. Clean water is hard to come by in many places, making water-borne illness a scourge of under-developed countries. And, really, it’s too bad. One of the disappointing things about the world we live in is that we have all this wonderful technology and all these… Continue Reading

Shameless Self-Promotion: Earth Day Edition

Image via Wikipedia Today is Earth Day! As you know, I am concerned about the environment. (Although my feelings on the global climate change debate reflect annoyance.) We try to do what we can for the environment, and we teach our son to be respectful of the planet. But it doesn’t have to be all… Continue Reading

On Global Climate Change: Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. It’s a day each year when thousands of bloggers get together and write about the same issue. I’ve been doing it since inception. This is the third year. The first year, the theme was the environment. Last year, it was poverty. This year, it’s global climate change. We were allowed… Continue Reading

Earth Day: Pollution as a Health Risk

One of my biggest pet peeves is all the focus on global warming (or, if you prefer the term “they” are trying to popularize: global climate change). At Logan’s Tax Day Tea Party, a guy holding a sign that read, “Global warming is a damned lie” only reinforced my irritation with our social, political and… Continue Reading

Oil Prices Fall: Now Is Not The Time For Complacency

Oil prices have fallen below $50 a barrel, and there are some predictions that they could fall in further — to perhaps $40, $30 or even $25 a barrel. While this is a boon for many, especially since gas prices are falling, it does not mean that we should become complacent. A few months ago,… Continue Reading

I Just Found Out Why No One Uses Logan Public Transit

I’m writing this from the library. Not because I’m having Internet problems, but because it’s too exhausting to try to get back home using the bus. And I expect the car to be done at the shop any time now. And the nice mechanic will come and pick me up. Here at the library. My… Continue Reading

The Friend Magazine and Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

It took me forever to notice this (maybe because I haven’t been looking at The Friend), but I was tickled yesterday by the fact that the light bulb in the lamp on the front cover of the May 2008 issue (illustrated by Elise Black) is an energy efficient light bulb. Now, the LDS Church has… Continue Reading

Birthday Parties and Green Waste

Gavin was invited to a birthday party for the first time this weekend. This is very exciting for all of us. Unfortunately, we are going to be out of town. This is a bummer, since I was looking forward to Gavin enjoying this “rite of passage” for children. Since we don’t socialize much in general,… Continue Reading

Earth Day: All This Focus on Global Warming Bothers Me

It may seem strange, but one of my environmental pet peeves is the focus on global warming. And this Earth Day, the focus seems to be especially strong on global warming. This bothers me. Why? Because it’s so easy to turn global warming into a political issue. And that turns it into something debatable. Even… Continue Reading

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