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Yup. Party Politics is Waaaay More Important than the People

Jon Stewart nails it again. We’ve reached a point where party politics, and making sure “the other guys” lose, is more important than actually doing the people’s business. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Senate After Dark Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Reform And doesn’t… Continue Reading

Barack Obama: Get Ready to Work

I am listening to Barack Obama’s inaugural speech. He is making it clear that we have a long road ahead, and that we need to go to work. And he is right. it is time for us to “rebuild America” and reclaim our morals and values. But it doesn’t happen quickly. It takes work. Anything… Continue Reading

Hurry! Buy Your Guns and Ammo Before It’s Too Late!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the increase in gun and ammo radio spots as the inauguration approaches. It’s great! As a progressive/liberal and as someone who knows how to handle a gun, has been hunting and grew up Out West, I find it amusing that people just sort of assume that any liberal in office is… Continue Reading

Barcelona is in Catalonia. And My Thoughts on Barack Obama.

I received an interesting request last week: Would I answer the questions a student, Jordi Secall, at the University of Barcelona had about my feelings regarding Barack Obama? Sure, why not, I thought. So I did. You can read the questions — and my answers — at La Política Ha Mort. Interestingly, I also learned… Continue Reading

Oil Prices Fall: Now Is Not The Time For Complacency

Oil prices have fallen below $50 a barrel, and there are some predictions that they could fall in further — to perhaps $40, $30 or even $25 a barrel. While this is a boon for many, especially since gas prices are falling, it does not mean that we should become complacent. A few months ago,… Continue Reading

Utah Went 34% Barack Obama

This is actually very exciting for me. My husband and I figured that if Utah went at least 30% Obama, it would be as good as a win here. Hooray! At any rate, last night was inspiring on two levels: A re-surfacing of the John McCain I admired so much in 2000. That classy, principled… Continue Reading

Election Day! Vote If You Haven’t Already

I voted early. And I think most of you know who I voted for. If you haven’t voted yet, head to the polls. It’s a duty, right and privilege, even if sometimes you feel as though you are having to choose between two people you don’t care for. The idea, as the leaders of my… Continue Reading

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