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My Turn at Being at a Pundit on Local TV

Not too long ago, I was asked to join local news anchors to talk about our local and state primary results. Because I’m involved with the local Dems, they asked me on to provide my thoughts as a counterpoint to a moderate Republican (Ann Rydalch) and a conservative Republican (Erik Simpson). I enjoyed hanging out,… Continue Reading

Oh Look! It’s Bernie Sanders … A Candidate After My Own Heart

It’s no secret that I’ve been a little disappointed by the way President Obama has been ground down over the course of his presidency, negotiating away progressive policies in an effort to work with people who just want him, personally, to fail. But, as conservatives start to impose their agenda, it’s becoming apparent that it’s… Continue Reading

I’m Formally Involved with the Utah Democrats

I’ve never been a fan of the two-party system. However, I’ve also come to the conclusion that a one-party system is even worse. And we kind of have that in Utah. A lot of the candidates for local office are uncontested, except in primaries by members of the same party. As a result, I’ve done… Continue Reading

Obama vs. Romney: For Me, It’s About Priorities

As someone at the liberal end of the spectrum in a conservative state, and participating in a religion that many associate with conservatism and capitalism, I get asked a lot about why I vote the way I do. Particularly why I plan to vote for a socialist Muslim who hates America and is actively plotting… Continue Reading

Do You Really Think a President Can “Fix” the Economy?

One of the things that really irked me about the first presidential debate held between President Obama and Governor Romney (other than Obama doing little to call out Romney on his prevarications) was the focus on the economy. It bothers me because I really don’t think it matters who the President is, in terms of the… Continue Reading

Republican for a Day

Most people know that I am unaffiliated in terms of political party. However, whenever a primary rolls around, I change my registration to Republican so that I can vote in the primary. The GOP primary is closed here in Utah, so you can only vote if you’re Republican. In many states, that’s not a big… Continue Reading

Here’s to Hoping Liberals Avoid Attacks on Mitt’s Mormonism

With LDS General Conference solidly underway, I’ve been thinking a little bit about Mitt Romney, and the presidential contest. Mostly, I’m wondering what the Obama campaign is going to do if Romney gets the Republican nomination (and it looks like he should). There are plenty of things to attack him with as they relate to… Continue Reading

Occupy Wall Street: What Makes a Legitimate Protest?

Do I agree with some of the Tea Party stuff? No. But do I think they’re anti-American, just because they disagree with me? Do I think that their protests from a couple years ago were wrong? Nope. If you have a grievance with the government, and with the way things are run, you should air… Continue Reading

Republican for a Day

One of the first things I noticed when I participated in my first general election here in Utah is that many of the local spots are uncontested. You’ve got a Republican candidate just sitting there, with no Democrat challenger. (My tirade against our two-party system is something for another day.) It didn’t take very long… Continue Reading

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