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Coming to Grips with My Son’s Common Core Math Lessons

When my son was in first grade, I began noticing that some of his math lessons were different to the math lessons I had growing up. For the next couple of years, this frustrated me. I didn’t always “get” the point of the lessons, and some of the work seemed needlessly complicated. I lashed out… Continue Reading

Barack Obama’s Nefarious Message: Stay in School

Image by Getty Images via Daylife The misinformation campaign that our current president faces is so incredibly ridiculous that I can barely contain myself. I mean, really? We’ve reached a point in our society that just because the other guy wins, we throw a tantrum and demand that our kids not be “indoctrinated” by his… Continue Reading

International Children’s Book Day

Image via Wikipedia Today is International Children’s Book Day. It was started in 1967 on the birthday (April 2) of Hans Christian Andersen. Since I love reading, and The Boy loves books, we don’t really need a reminder. But I figured it was worth an extra trip to the library. I got some books (I… Continue Reading

My Son Is Ready For Kindergarten — Once He Learns to Rhyme

A couple of weeks ago, I took The Boy to register for kindergarten. “They,” of course, did an evaluation. The evaluator was blown away by The Boy (as I frequently am), until it came time to rhyme. He wasn’t very good at it. The evaluator was puzzled. “He has all these sophisticated skills,” she mused.… Continue Reading

Education in America, Part 3

This is the last rant on education…for now. I guess I’m baffled why we think that college is the right education for everyone, so we stick everyone on the same college prep coursework. I’m all for continuing to learn, and acquiring higher education. I just don’t understand why we don’t include skilled professions and trades… Continue Reading

Education in America

By now, in all likelihood, you have probably seen the infamous video of Miss South Carolina answer to the question: Why can’t Americans find their own country on a map? In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the answer: And, last week, Karate Mommy started a little discussion about education and who should pay for… Continue Reading

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