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My Turn at Being at a Pundit on Local TV

Not too long ago, I was asked to join local news anchors to talk about our local and state primary results. Because I’m involved with the local Dems, they asked me on to provide my thoughts as a counterpoint to a moderate Republican (Ann Rydalch) and a conservative Republican (Erik Simpson). I enjoyed hanging out,… Continue Reading

What, Exactly, is a “Minimum Wage Work Ethic”?

A few months ago I was at an event that involved a presentation on building a business. One of the quotes that stuck out to me was something to this effect: If you want to make more than minimum wage, you can’t have a minimum wage worth ethic. This quote perfectly embodies the faulty idea… Continue Reading

Something to Think About this Memorial Day

We often talk about honoring our troops but do we put our collective public money where our mouths are? Is it lip service only that we pay to our veterans? Even though the number of homeless veterans has decreased in recent years, we probably aren’t doing enough. We talk about those who have fallen in service… Continue Reading

Oh Look! It’s Bernie Sanders … A Candidate After My Own Heart

It’s no secret that I’ve been a little disappointed by the way President Obama has been ground down over the course of his presidency, negotiating away progressive policies in an effort to work with people who just want him, personally, to fail. But, as conservatives start to impose their agenda, it’s becoming apparent that it’s… Continue Reading

Gay Marriage Debate: LGBTQ and Why Choice Matters

My son is having trouble processing the whole gay marriage debate. He doesn’t understand why we can’t just treat people equally, with dignity and respect. He really doesn’t understand why it’s ok for states to make laws that deny a basic legal status to citizens or why it’s ok for them to make laws allowing… Continue Reading

Obama Proposes Tax Advantages for the Middle Class

There hasn’t been much that progressives have been able to get the last few years, no matter what screaming conservatives say. But now, with the GOP in charge of both Houses of Congress, we’re about to see some serious stuff go down. The GOP agenda is not going to be friendly to the middle class,… Continue Reading

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