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Why Some Mormon Women Want the Priesthood

“Why would you want the priesthood anyway?” Even though I’m not a member of ORDAIN Women, and I’m not a huge fan of their tactics, I have sympathy and understanding for their aims. I even agree that it would be just fine if women were admitted into the formal priesthood hierarchy/organization. Our history is full… Continue Reading

Kate Kelly and Mormon Dissent

“It’s been weeks. Why haven’t you written about IT yet?” That’s from an email I received just yesterday. That wasn’t the first message I’ve received on the topic. Since Kate Kelly was excommunicated last month, I’ve received other emails and private messages on Facebook, asking me about how I feel about the whole situation, especially in… Continue Reading

Scout Camp and My Lady Parts

The LDS Church has an interesting relationship with the Boy Scouts of America. In the United States, the Church is such a big part of Scouting that the BSA doesn’t want to anger Church leadership and face the threat of withdrawal. While the Church is ok with homosexual boys joining Scouts, the Church (and other… Continue Reading

Trying to Work Through My Problems with Patriarchy

One of the sayings I remember hearing from the way back is, “Whom the Lord calls, the Lord Qualifies.” I also remember an Institute teacher telling the class that when there are two spirits together, one must always be the leader. As I’ve thought about these teachings, it bothers me that the key here is… Continue Reading

Well, I’ve Been Put In My Place. Wherever That Is.

I should be writing a primary program. The thing should have been written weeks ago, but I’ve been distracted by things like preparing for my book launch and playing a bigger role with the annual Plutus Awards (something for us financial bloggers). This weekend, with things winding down a little bit, and a lull in… Continue Reading

Wearing the Pants? Moving Baptisms Along

On Saturday, I crossed a line. I sat at a stake baptism (wearing pants, as is my wont, although I’m not quite brave enough to wear my pants to sacrament meeting) on Saturday, and the thought occurred to me: “I could do this.” Image via Book of Mormon Online With two excited little girls waiting… Continue Reading

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