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How Do “Normal” People Make Friends?

We had a nice, quiet Christmas, as is our usual custom. We pretty much just hang out all day and enjoy our presents and our good food, and watch a couple Christmas-themed movies. It’s a low-key way to enjoy the holiday. After my son went to bed, and my husband and I continued our annual… Continue Reading

Why Some Mormon Women Want the Priesthood

“Why would you want the priesthood anyway?” Even though I’m not a member of ORDAIN Women, and I’m not a huge fan of their tactics, I have sympathy and understanding for their aims. I even agree that it would be just fine if women were admitted into the formal priesthood hierarchy/organization. Our history is full… Continue Reading

In Which Isaiah “Outs” Me as a Progressive at Church

This past Sunday I attended church for the third time in my new ward. I’m struggling a little bit because I miss being in Primary, but I’m powering through. Our Sunday School lesson was on Isaiah Chapter 1-6. One of the discussion points outlined in the manual was this: Many of Isaiah’s warnings and prophecies… Continue Reading

Kate Kelly and Mormon Dissent

“It’s been weeks. Why haven’t you written about IT yet?” That’s from an email I received just yesterday. That wasn’t the first message I’ve received on the topic. Since Kate Kelly was excommunicated last month, I’ve received other emails and private messages on Facebook, asking me about how I feel about the whole situation, especially in… Continue Reading

Scout Camp and My Lady Parts

The LDS Church has an interesting relationship with the Boy Scouts of America. In the United States, the Church is such a big part of Scouting that the BSA doesn’t want to anger Church leadership and face the threat of withdrawal. While the Church is ok with homosexual boys joining Scouts, the Church (and other… Continue Reading

Shopping for Religion: Finding a Faith that Fits You

There is a long list of people who are surprised to discover that I’m LDS. Some of these folks include people who grew up with me — people who figured that I would have moved on by now. It’s difficult for them to understand how a feminist and a staunch GLBTQ ally attends church in… Continue Reading

Just What is Marriage For, Anyway?

It’s tough to be a socially progressive Mormon right now. Since any thinking human could reason out items likely to receive attention during the recent General Conference (Priesthood + Gays = Moar Controversy), this was the first time that I didn’t watch any of it. Not a single session. Because I continue to struggle to… Continue Reading

Conversations with Atheists

This past weekend, atheists and ex-Mormons walked around Temple Square during General Conference. The point of this demonstration, from what I can gather, was to show members of the church that they aren’t alone if they have doubts — even though their friends and family might shun them. While, clearly, not all of your LDS… Continue Reading

Changing Doctrines and Practices in the LDS Church

There has been a lot of hoopla surrounding upstart ladies who “demand” Things They Shouldn’t Ask For. As “proof” that this is The Way Things Are, many talk about how the doctrine is “perfect” and it never changes. However, this isn’t the case; doctrine and practice in the LDS Church are in almost-constant flux. Since the… Continue Reading

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