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Conversations with Atheists

This past weekend, atheists and ex-Mormons walked around Temple Square during General Conference. The point of this demonstration, from what I can gather, was to show members of the church that they aren’t alone if they have doubts — even though their friends and family might shun them. While, clearly, not all of your LDS… Continue Reading

Well, I’ve Been Put In My Place. Wherever That Is.

I should be writing a primary program. The thing should have been written weeks ago, but I’ve been distracted by things like preparing for my book launch and playing a bigger role with the annual Plutus Awards (something for us financial bloggers). This weekend, with things winding down a little bit, and a lull in… Continue Reading

Elder Oaks Lays the Smack Down on Selfishness

I loved Elder Dallin H. Oaks’ talk yesterday on selfishness. I think that he pretty much nailed when he pointed out that the root of many of our problems (including the current economic situation) can be traced back to selfishness and greed. And he’s right. Greed on the part of folks at the top, wanting… Continue Reading

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