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Mormonism in Context Lesson 3: Nauvoo and the Martyrdom

It’s been a while since I had time to work through the Mormonism in Context course by historian Brian Whitney. But now that things have settled down a little bit, I’ve gone back to reading The Mormon People and reading the lessons from Brian. Lesson 3, which deals with the Nauvoo period and the martyrdom… Continue Reading

Kate Kelly and Mormon Dissent

“It’s been weeks. Why haven’t you written about IT yet?” That’s from an email I received just yesterday. That wasn’t the first message I’ve received on the topic. Since Kate Kelly was excommunicated last month, I’ve received other emails and private messages on Facebook, asking me about how I feel about the whole situation, especially in… Continue Reading

Just What is Marriage For, Anyway?

It’s tough to be a socially progressive Mormon right now. Since any thinking human could reason out items likely to receive attention during the recent General Conference (Priesthood + Gays = Moar Controversy), this was the first time that I didn’t watch any of it. Not a single session. Because I continue to struggle to… Continue Reading

Changing Doctrines and Practices in the LDS Church

There has been a lot of hoopla surrounding upstart ladies who “demand” Things They Shouldn’t Ask For. As “proof” that this is The Way Things Are, many talk about how the doctrine is “perfect” and it never changes. However, this isn’t the case; doctrine and practice in the LDS Church are in almost-constant flux. Since the… Continue Reading

In Which I Wade Into the Mormon Modesty Debate

I’ve been following the Mormon modesty debate for months now. We talk about it at home, even in front of our son sometimes. But I haven’t put keyboard to screen yet. My sister-in-law’s post on the subject finally pushed me into writing some of the thoughts I’ve been having about the subject. When it comes… Continue Reading

I Think Doctrine Can Change. It Does All the Time.

It’s getting heated in the world of Mormonism as crazy ladies ask for Things That Many Think They Shouldn’t Ask For. And in the midst of all of this, I think I might have found a bit of comfort in the reality that doctrine today might not be doctrine tomorrow. It’s called Club Mormon, and, technically,… Continue Reading

Consecration and Persecution

Mmmmmm…Two of my favorite lessons in church — on the same day. I love Law of Consecration lessons, because it’s fun to see people struggling with the idea. Here’s how it works: You give everything you have/produce/make to a guy. He then distributes everything out to people according to their needs. Here in Utah, where… Continue Reading

Big Love Goes to the Temple

Uh, yeah. So I’ve been asked how I feel about this. I kind of figured it was inevitable when Big Love first aired, so my response is a sort of shrug. Since I have no idea how accurate the representation will be, nor do I care to order HBO for the purpose of finding out,… Continue Reading

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