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Shopping for Religion: Finding a Faith that Fits You

There is a long list of people who are surprised to discover that I’m LDS. Some of these folks include people who grew up with me — people who figured that I would have moved on by now. It’s difficult for them to understand how a feminist and a staunch GLBTQ ally attends church in… Continue Reading

Conversations with Atheists

This past weekend, atheists and ex-Mormons walked around Temple Square during General Conference. The point of this demonstration, from what I can gather, was to show members of the church that they aren’t alone if they have doubts — even though their friends and family might shun them. While, clearly, not all of your LDS… Continue Reading

I’ve Been Thinking A Lot About Mother Teresa

My senior year in high school, we were required to write a research paper on a modern hero. I can’t remember the exact parameters used to determine “modern,” but Mother Teresa qualified, since she had only died a few weeks before the assignment was announced. In order to prevent what was sure to be a… Continue Reading

Well, I’ve Been Put In My Place. Wherever That Is.

I should be writing a primary program. The thing should have been written weeks ago, but I’ve been distracted by things like preparing for my book launch and playing a bigger role with the annual Plutus Awards (something for us financial bloggers). This weekend, with things winding down a little bit, and a lull in… Continue Reading

So Much for Art Appreciation

“I don’t enjoy children this age.” My son’s teacher looked at me in disbelief. She had just asked if I would be willing to accompany the class on a field trip. I told her that I was available, and able, but preferred it if she could take other parents first. I indicated she could call… Continue Reading

Happy Independence Day!

It’s a great time to remember our freedoms, and celebrate our country! Remember: Even though we may disagree with each other, we all want our country to be great. Just because we go about things in a different way doesn’t mean we don’t love our country. The founders disagreed about a lot of things. However,… Continue Reading

Disappointment and Perseverance

As Americans, we love stories of scrappy underdogs, and surprising comebacks. This is not one of those stories. My son is playing baseball this year. He played in a coach pitch league last year that wasn’t very helpful in terms of teaching fundamentals. This year, though, he played in different league that was a little… Continue Reading

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