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Why Do They Want to Take Away My Birth Control?

Over at Babylune, Eliza posted on a petition being sent around by an advocacy group. This petition involves trying to get Johnson & Johnson to ban the Ortho Evra birth control patch. I am bothered by this. Mainly because I use the patch. And I love it. I’m reminded of that episode of Seinfeld when… Continue Reading

My Son Is Ready For Kindergarten — Once He Learns to Rhyme

A couple of weeks ago, I took The Boy to register for kindergarten. “They,” of course, did an evaluation. The evaluator was blown away by The Boy (as I frequently am), until it came time to rhyme. He wasn’t very good at it. The evaluator was puzzled. “He has all these sophisticated skills,” she mused.… Continue Reading

Relief Society and the First Amendment

I was so excited about the candidate quiz yesterday that I neglected to mention something that disturbed me greatly in Relief Society on Sunday. I was visiting my parents over the weekend, so instead of hanging out in the primary, I was subjected to a Relief Society lesson. (Every time I go to Relief Society,… Continue Reading

Living in Utah: A Rant

Most of the time I love living in Utah. Well, up here in Logan anyway. But this past weekend we went down to Happy Valley to see my husband’s cousin and his wife and their new baby. My husband’s aunt was visiting to help out. So, as we sat there, thinking about living in Utah,… Continue Reading

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