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Does It Always Have to Be About the Mommy Bloggers?

Today, the local newspaper ran a story about women bloggers here in Cache Valley. It reminded me of a few months ago when the university station did a show on local bloggers. And it was all about the mommy blogging. Don’t get me wrong. I read a few mommy blogs regularly for the humor and… Continue Reading

The 24-Hour News Cycle and Sloppy Journalism

I just found out that Logan/Cache Valley made the list of top 50 places in the country to start a business. At least CNN Money thinks that Logan is a good place to go to launch a business. Logan is categorized as a small city. Now, if only CNN Money showed some interest in fact… Continue Reading

If You’re a Woman, You Can’t Be Attractive AND Smart?

In an effort to stop thinking about such maddening things as the health care “debate” and the attempt to kill a public option that would make health care more affordable, not to mention the absolutely stoopid (yes, stoopid) talk about Obama as a “communist Nazi”, I went and saw a movie with my son. And… Continue Reading

No, I haven’t seen the Twilight movie

I’ve been asked when my review of the Twilight movie is coming. Here’s my answer: It’s not. Unless you wait until it goes to DVD. At which point my husband and I will watch it, fast-forwarding the extra-lame parts. Yes, I enjoyed the book. In a guilty-pleasure-this-is-how-I-read-Dan-Brown kind of way. It’s TV for the brain.… Continue Reading

I Just Found Out Why No One Uses Logan Public Transit

I’m writing this from the library. Not because I’m having Internet problems, but because it’s too exhausting to try to get back home using the bus. And I expect the car to be done at the shop any time now. And the nice mechanic will come and pick me up. Here at the library. My… Continue Reading

Home Is Where The Heart Is…And Mom And Children, Too

We learned a new song in primary this week. I was not impressed. It’s called “Home,” I think. “Home is where the father is/with strength and wisdom true.” Great. Then: “Home is where the mother is/and all the children too.” Um, okay. I was a little annoyed. We couldn’t even get something for moms along… Continue Reading

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