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Shameless Self-Promotion: Earth Day Edition

Image via Wikipedia Today is Earth Day! As you know, I am concerned about the environment. (Although my feelings on the global climate change debate reflect annoyance.) We try to do what we can for the environment, and we teach our son to be respectful of the planet. But it doesn’t have to be all… Continue Reading

Shameless Self-Promotion: Health Care Reform Edition

Unless you’ve been living a very secluded life, you are probably aware that last week marked the passage of a health care reform bill. I’m not jumping up and down with joy about it, but I guess it’s a step forward, since, despite the hyperbole-filled claims of some, we will never see truly universal health… Continue Reading

Shameless Self-Promotion: The Old Standby

When I feel guilty that I haven’t been posting on this blog, I get to pull out the old shameless self-promotion. Does it make me feel even worse? Yes. But it means that I am posting. It’s been an interesting couple of months, with me dropping three clients (equaling four blogs). It’s kind of nice.… Continue Reading

Shameless Self Promotion, Holiday Style

Hope you’re having a good season. We sure are, with my husband’s parents here and his brother coming tomorrow. It’s fun to be so busy. But it’s murder on getting anything done. SO, here are some of the posts I’ve written during the holidays about…the holidays. Good times. The History of Christmas and Its Traditions… Continue Reading

Does It Always Have to Be About the Mommy Bloggers?

Today, the local newspaper ran a story about women bloggers here in Cache Valley. It reminded me of a few months ago when the university station did a show on local bloggers. And it was all about the mommy blogging. Don’t get me wrong. I read a few mommy blogs regularly for the humor and… Continue Reading

Learn About Money on “Un-Broke”

So, tonight I’ll be at my parents’ house. But I might watch UN-BROKE: What You Need to Know About Money on ABC. It starts at 9 pm Eastern, and is supposed to run for an hour. At the very least it should be amusing. And the nation really could use a little “back to basics”… Continue Reading

Update: I’m a Rich ***hole!

This is why I love blogging. I got this as part of a comment on my rant about the economic stimulus package: “Excuse me for saying, but you sound like some rich ***hole.” (Not edited over at Yielding Wealth.) Anyway, here I am saying that I think that a tax cut of $500 or $1,000… Continue Reading

Learn About Blogging from the Huffington Post

I love this segment (from a month ago) on blogging. Sort of makes me feel better about the way I earn my living 😉 Anyway, interesting stuff. And I may go out and check the book out from the library. Or even buy it. What do you think about blogging? (Hat tip: The New Yak… Continue Reading

Barcelona is in Catalonia. And My Thoughts on Barack Obama.

I received an interesting request last week: Would I answer the questions a student, Jordi Secall, at the University of Barcelona had about my feelings regarding Barack Obama? Sure, why not, I thought. So I did. You can read the questions — and my answers — at La Política Ha Mort. Interestingly, I also learned… Continue Reading

I Was on NPR

About two weeks ago, I was interviewed by Market Place. Out of our 15 minute interview, came a 10 second sound bite. I’m not sure that it includes the coolest things I said in the interview, but I don’t think I sound like a complete idiot. So, listen til the end. Because that’s when you’ll… Continue Reading

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