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Interesting Stats on Women and Finances

After writing my last post, I found the following on women and finances, and thought I’d put them up. It comes StatisticBrain: What I found most interesting is that only 16 percent of households are those where women don’t work at all. Continue Reading

Income Inequality: Hard Work Doesn’t Mean Wealth

One of the basic tenets of our society is this: If you work hard, you’ll be able to earn a living. People often equate working hard with wealth. If you aren’t rich, you just haven’t worked hard enough. Those in the middle class who insist that tax breaks for the rich will benefit everyone often… Continue Reading

#FINCON11, Hard Choices and What’s Next

I’ve had a week to absorb what I learned at the Financial Blogger Conference, and reflect on what I want to do next.  (If you are interested in the slides, you can find them on the FINCON web site.) J.D. Roth asked us all to think about why we write. Pat Flynn told us to… Continue Reading

Be Your Own Boss! Buy Our System!

The other day, I took a check (yes, some people pay me with paper checks, in spite of my efforts to get everything taken care of electronically) to the bank. We went through the drive up, and right there, below the clear plastic chamber, was taped an inspiring flier. Work from HOME! I already work… Continue Reading

Listen to Me! Interviews with Chris Gaddis and PT Money

Over the summer, I’ve been interviewed twice. For one interview, I’m just talking about blog posts that have appeared on blogs I write for, and sharing some of the tips. The other interview is about my life as a freelance writer, and how I run my work from home business. If you have an hour… Continue Reading

Listen to Me Plug My Book — And Win a Free Copy!

In an effort to help sell copies of the book I co-authored with Robyn Tippins, I’ve done a couple of stints on Blog Talk Radio shows. It’s been great, and I’ve enjoyed it. We were on Wayne Hurlbert’s Blog Business World. Earlier today we were on The Power Connection with Marie Pijanowski. You can listen… Continue Reading

Social Media is the Bane of My Existence

I’m a writer. I’d like to just write. However, I write for an audience that is mostly online. Most of my writing is for blogs. And that means SOCIAL MEDIA. It means that I spend time each day submitting articles to various sites, and tweeting what’s been published. (And, of course, having my Twitter feed… Continue Reading

Shameless Self Promotion: Go Buy My Book Edition

I co-wrote a book. It’s called Community 101: How to grow an online community. It’s out now. You can get it at the publisher, Happy About, at a discount, in paperback or ebook. It’s also available in a Kindle version on Amazon. At any rate, here is some of what I’ve been doing, around the… Continue Reading

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