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Is There Meaning in Life Without Religion?

One of the things we hear a lot at church is that the gospel brings meaning to life. It answers the questions dealing with who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. And, of course, faith, the gospel, church, religion, or whatever you call it can bring meaning to your life. But… Continue Reading

On Doing Things We Don’t Want To Do

Sometimes we find ourselves doing things we don’t want to do. As children, we have the idea that once we’re older we can do anything we want. But this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of circumstances that restrict our freedom of action. Some of these restrictions come as a result of our own… Continue Reading

Something to Think About this Memorial Day

We often talk about honoring our troops but do we put our collective public money where our mouths are? Is it lip service only that we pay to our veterans? Even though the number of homeless veterans has decreased in recent years, we probably aren’t doing enough. We talk about those who have fallen in service… Continue Reading

I Talk Fantasy and Sci-Fi on the Rational Faiths Podcast

Not too long ago, I made an appearance on the Rational Faiths podcast. Rational Faiths is an interesting website with a lot of thoughtful commentary on religion, particularly Mormonism. This particular podcast episode focused on non-scriptural ways we fill our spiritual cups. I talk a little bit about how the brain is wired for God… Continue Reading

In Which I Share My Feelings about Terry Pratchett

A few days ago this happened: We feel the loss of our cultural icons. They are touchstones that influence who we are. We may never meet them. But they shape us. They give us ourselves. I see myself in many of Terry Pratchett’s characters. (Sometimes I don’t like what I see.) Pratchett’s books, particularly the Discworld… Continue Reading

On How Much I Hate Reading Class at School

Since I can remember, I’ve loved reading. Because my love of reading is so well known, and because I strongly advocate literacy and education, it comes as a surprise to many that I hate “reading” as a subject in school. It was painful back when I was in seventh grade and subjected to it, and… Continue Reading

Mormonism in Context: Section 1- Introduction

I’ve been reading  as part of one of my projects this year. My reading is ahead of the lesson plan for the Mormonism in Context course, so before I could tackle the first section, I had to go back, re-read the introduction to the “textbook,” and then work with the other materials, which include an overview… Continue Reading

Two Fun Mormon Projects for the Coming Year

One of my three goals for the coming year is writing-related, and it involves making an effort to post more on this site. In order to get me fired up with ideas and explorations, I’m getting involved with to fun (to me, at least) Mormon projects.   1. Self-Directed Mormon Sociology Course One of the… Continue Reading

On Discontent

I refuse to be content. We’re told to learn contentment, and there is virtue in being content with your situation, or with your lot in life. However, at the same time, I’m not sure that complete contentment is the way to go. It so often turns into complacency. While I don’t think that there’s a… Continue Reading

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